The Water Man (Movies Trailer)

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The water Man : Desperate to save his ailing mother, 11-year-old Gunner runs faraway from home on a search to seek out a mythical figure rumored to possess the facility to cheat death.

David Oyelowo makes his feature directorial debut and stars within the Water Man releasing on Netflix, Friday July 9 (except US & Canada).

The Water Man

Action Trailer: The Water Man is real. Legend has it that he’s still living up by the lake. He searching the waters and therefore the woods for his wife. So he could bring her back from the dead.

This town is weird. It’s just different than what we’re wont to . Yeah, real different.
I know this move’s been hard for you. it has been hard for your dad too. He’s just stressed about me. I always thought the Water Man was something grown-ups told kids to stay them from sneaking off into the woods. nobody knows where to seek out him. nobody except me.

The Water man

The note I saw during this book says that he’s immortal. i want to understand more about it. Got any money? Yes. But I’m still gonna need money to shop for supplies. Supplies for what? I’m getting to find the Water Man. inherit my office. I just wanna know if the Water Man is real.

But that forest is alive. Being in those woods on their lonesome , no chance to flee . “I skills to form you better.” does one know what he meant? There’s some weird stuff happening . it is a sign that we’re getting close.

Run! Hope may be a powerful force. It made you see…what you wanted. I’m gonna find him. It made you see me.

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