Never be Forgotten SPEECH by Steve Jobs

Never be Forgotten SPEECH by Steve Jobs


In 2005, the speech that we never be forgotten by Steve Jobs . This is the commencement from one of his finish in University. He said, he never graduated from college. This is just closed and got to a college graduation. Steve Jobs gave us three stories from his life. That’s it no big deal.

The first story is about connecting, second story is about love and loss and the last is about Death. How do you think and feel? How can we do with the time and people around us?

Love this, he had been rejected but was still in love! That’s real genuine. Can relate, what can be deemed as ego can be misconstrued. Love never counts the cost it just abounds and exists in the face of any adversity!

I come back to this speech regularly and today, like it happened to me few months ago, I discover new meanings… it is like I am listening to it for the very first time. Staying hungry and foolish is the best advice ever. Do not listen to what people say, do what you truly believe and act accordingly… you will be surprised the amazing thing you will achieve.

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