Highlights: Inter 0-2 Liverpool

Highlights Inter 0-2 Liverpool


Liverpool’s UEFA Champions League victory over Internazionale in Milan, thier got goals at second-half  by Fimino & Salah. Thier got goals at second-half  by Roberto Fimino & Mo Salah. th

Salah Always knows how to enter the ball correctly from a very narrow angle. I really like your aggressive playstyle. Felt like we had no space and time to react. Which forced us to play long balls from defence. Cant wait the 2nd game.

Inter Milan played so well. Their plan was excellent, they make the game slow because no team can win by playing faster game against any EPL team. Inter defence was excellent because they handle the ball so nicely infornt of sala, mani…inter’s front was not so impressive specially Martinez should do better.

luis diaz integrates really quickly and well as if he’s been playing for Liverpool for 2 seasons already. In this match, he almost got a goal. Hopefully the match against Norwich he will come out and score.

Mane played well in 1st half but still receive tons of unexpected criticism and bad ratings I hope Liverpool fans are more fair and not biased to some target players only No pressing no game and how teamwork shows

Konate, 22 years old, at San Siro, what a goddamn shift! The maturity, the calmness, the awareness to know where the threat is, when to go into challenges is what separates him from someone like Upamecano.

A perfect victory of Liverpool creates a great advantage before the second leg at Anfeid. Hopefully Jota’s injury won’t be serious.

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