Baby monkey lost mom cries seizures

Baby monkey


Most of the times, mothers will just be nearby and will not fight to get back their babies monkey. Some times the kidnapper may be a female with a heighter status in the troop. If that is the case the mother will not risk a confrontation that may hurt the baby monkey.

Tima is the best mother monkey I have seen so far since viewing the behavior of these baby monkeys. She has been a “wall of defense” for her monkey babies. As for kidnappers, they are intelligent enough to know exactly what they are doing, from my layman’s observation. Nonetheless, monkey politics somewhat dictates the daily behavior in monkey environment.

For everyone who wonders why they cling to their closely when they try to get away from the kidnapper and the kidnapper grabs them by their tail and runs. 2:10 The baby bounces off rocks and learns real quick that they’d rather cling to the kidnapper then get dragged everywhere.

I wish the caption person would look in the dictionary and read about the word seizure and the word tantrum. There’s a difference between the two and I think that the person should know the definition of both words.If it gets any more scars on its face, Ma won’t know who it is or where it came from. Scarface is learning what not to do but I still think its in for another drag before this day is done.

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