Travel funny stories

Travel funny stories


I realized that I’ve been lucky enough to travel to a couple dozen countries around the world, I’ve got travel funny stories, scary in Israel.

As a Hungarian, I can’t help but feel a little content, that our small, but precious country got some recognition. There are actually a lot of spas here, because the fresh waters are in an exceptionally good quality naturally, so I’d definitely recommend visiting places like Hajdúszoboszló, Hévíz, Cserkeszőlő or Gellért-fürdő in Budapest for anyone with muscle pains, rheumatism, thyroid problems, or just some tiredness:) Also, I feel a little sorry for you, Doctor Mike, celebrities tend to get a little more than needed recognition in here. but the people are mostly friendly, especially in big cities, like Budapest, where tourists and students from abroad, are always present

That was really nice hearing all this it felt like for 10minutes we grew a bond through storytelling and can we talk about that glowup for a sec?! can’t believe you changed that much since Jamaica !!

Speaking Mandarin, even if few words, is a feat in itself! I have a friend who’s originally from Peru but is currently based out of New York. It took her around 2 years to learn Mandarin and now she is studying at a Chinese university <3. She always says that it’s a complex but beautiful language:)

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