Reveal their football idols

Reveal their football idols


Some of the Premier League’s biggest and best players tell us about their childhood heroes and the ones who inspired them to play the game. Who was your favourite player growing up? Premier League stars reveal their football idols.

Ronaldinho is undoubtedly one of the greatest footballers ever and easily the most skillful player ever. If ur talking about aesthetic football and just to enjoy the beauty of the game, Ronaldinho is number 1. But Mahrez saying Messi was his reveal their football idols when he is only three years older than him.

Everybody loves his passion for the game, how he smiled all the time he spent on the pitch. Fantastic player in terms of ability. The flair player of all flair players. I grew up liking other players too, but Ronaldinho I absolutely loved. Always smiling and having fun playing the beautiful game and showcasing magnificent skill.

Didn’t really have a favourite in the late 70, s when I got interested in football,but I loved Matt Le Tissier in later years,kept Saints up single handedly one season,only ever missed 1 penalty I think in 30. and for a midfielder,scored a lot of goals,mostly world class ones.

Thierry Henry was my fav, he’s the one that emphasized everything what Arsenal FC was abt, class, beautiful football, passion, close bond with loyal fans and elite mentality. I remember in the school grounds everyone would shout Ronaldinhos name if they pulled off a piece of skill. Favourite answer of the lot though is Son picking Park. National idol of the past and national idol of the present.

I was happily surprised so many picked Ronaldinho, it’s the same for myself despite being a Chelsea fan but shouldn’t really be too surprised either. Still my favourite player to watch.

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