Doctor Strange in the Multiverse of Madness

Doctor Strange in the Multiverse of Madness


the Doctor Strange in the Multiverse of Madness Official Super Bowl Trailer starring Benedict Cumberbatch! This looks amazing, the elements of fantasy and Raimi-style horror, the cgi, the different Strange variants. The part where his face is separating into squares and yet, not even the sheer fact reality is tearing itself apart, his hair remains untouched and flawless.

The bit where Wanda tells strange “that doesn’t seem fair” gave me chills. I think she’s in the “Villian” mode there. And tbh, after everything she’s been through, she does have a point. She has been looked at as a Villian, although it didn’t make it right what she did to the people in wandavision all for vision, but she did try and save people in civil war and accidently kiIIed people and people probably didn’t look at it that way and assumed she did it on purpose. She has been looked at as evil to people even when she helped at some points. I might root for Wanda in this to some degree but also doctor strange.

Wanda can do no wrong in my eyes. I just wonder what role she’s playing in terms of being evil. Is she evil because she’s trying to retrieve her kids? Also the part where it seems like there’s two different Wandas. Is she in full astral form like at the end credits of wandavision or is that an evil version of her all together?

This is going to make a billion faster than No Way Home. The fact that Sam Raimi is directing it is the redemption arc of the decade. I hope he directs at least 2 more sequels of Dr Strange. But I will say I hope all of this isn’t purely because of No Way Home. There was something else that happen ed to cause that event that wasn’t all “local man ruins everything”

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