Ah looks good… Black Adams Teaser and aquaman gonna lead but ain’t sure about flash because you know why… Gonna be a great year for superhero movies… MCU and DC gonna rock this year

Dr Fate and Black Adam Teaser are two of my favorite comicbook characters ever, and I’m glad they’re visually stunning. Now I’ll just wait to watch their performances. Legitimately excited for the new Batman movie, and I’m very interested in Black Adam. However, it’s an undeniable shame that WB is not progressing with Henry Cavill’s Superman story.

The Rock had more than enough time on his hands to do this Character justice And he´s gonna kill that Part. From the recent trailers it hopefully looks like their going back to what made the old DC movies good before the DC vs Marvel universe junk started. There have been plenty of great super hero movies most people don’t seem to know of before this extended universe junk happen.

I love how the Rock was chosen to be black Adam by the fans like this was said years ago I feel like we all made this happen. I never thought we’d ever see Dr. Fate in DC movie… and to have Pierce as Dr. Fate, make me so glad. I love DC and Marvel equally, but deep down.

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