All SUPER BOWL Movie Trailers 2022

All SUPER BOWL Movie Trailers 2022


Check out our compilation for all the best movie & tv show trailers that aired during the Super Bowl! I wish Topher Grace’s venom is in Multiverse of madness. I’m still desperate for his return to Respire his role. That way at the end he teams up with knull. Where they plan to take over the Multiverse.

What a disappointing line up of trailers. Doctor Strange, Moon Knight and the super brief looks at the DC stuff was all we got? And most of this stuff was released a few days ago? I sat through an entire football game for nothing. It was nice going through these trailers to focus on the movie and story. Then sure enough, we get to a movie with a black girl and offffff course she talks about race. So f-ing sick and tired of them obsessing over their skin is as if that is all that matters.

Hopefully Sonic 2 would live up to be another great video game movie. Idris Elba was an unexpected choice but the voice acting is good here. I really really thought I would’ve hated the first Doctor Strange ,but I actually liked it enough I bout a 4K copy so Doctor 2 I’ll def have to check this one out.

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