How Can I Find Inspiration?

How Can I Find Inspiration


How Can I Find Inspiration? Did you know that 99 of everything?  I’ve ever said has been written out ahead of time including the mispronunciation of the word percent. It would be a hundred percent scripted but you know the drawing challenge.

I always respond with my most popular series is about my talking about working at a minimum wage small local sandwich shop a script does not need to be an edge of your seat high-stakes level story. It needs to be an entertaining story and I believe. If told in a certain way any story can be an entertaining story the first piece of advice that I can give that will immediately improve your scripts is drum roll.

Please in five four three getting to the point because I do animation the longer the script I make will be and the longer my team and I will have to spend working and the more depresses. I’ll get so, I’ve subconsciously gotten into the habit of writing shorter script that get to the point and cut out unnecessary and unfunny details I feel like the American school system has brainwashed kids into thinking. That the best way to express ideas is through the form of a five paragraph essay. Now have you ever read a five paragraph essay that you wrote they’re boring. Most schools require essay to have a minimum word count. So we are now training the next generation into purposely writing long-winded. And wordy thoughts that could have been shortened down to a sentence you’ve all written essays. You know all about repeating ideas, you’ve already written or saying the same thing over and over or reiterating. Thoughts more than once or echoing points an over abundant amount of times.

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