A Summer In Europe Switzerland

A Summer In Europe Switzerland


A Summer In Europe Switzerland : When we’re in between lockdowns, I had a freelance jab in Zurich editing in a conference for a few days. And so I managed to tag on the end of that like a one day holiday. Where I went straight up to the mountains up to vegan in the Jungfrau region. I just had this perfect glorious day up there. I never ever expected to be sitting on this bench again having a beer watching the sunset.

In 2020 after that we went through two more lockdowns, so I was glad that I filmed that trip because any time. I was feeling miserable. When I was stuck at home I would hit play on that video and just sort of go back to my happy place for like 25 minutes.

I was going to save this for a Friday evening watch, but I couldn’t help myself and have now paused my work for this! As usual, awesome job Karl! Always appreciate your dedication in showing all of us what’s out there in the world:) and i hope have a summer in Europe Switzerland again.

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