22 AMAZING Destinations for Budget Travel in 2022

22 AMAZING Destinations for Budget Travel in 2022


22 AMAZING Destinations for Budget Travel in 2022

There are so many places to see, I have put together a list of 22 of my favorite travel destinations around the world that I hope you get to scratch off your bucket list this year. The best part is that all of the destinations in this site are very budget friendly. And before we get into it you might notice that I am in a completely new environment. If you are on this site you know that I am currently building a new environment in post. I’m really excited to decorate it. This is all gonna be changing around and If you have any ideas for the decoration let me know in the comments below. Mexico, Turkey, Google Arts and Culture, Vietnam, Laos, Thailand,  Nepal, Georgia, Armenia, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Croatia , Greece, Poland, Kosovo, Colombia, Peru, Brazil, Bolivia, Costa Rica,  Guatemala, Cuba, Morocco

  1. Mexico: Mexico is a huge country with rich culture incredibly friendly people and diverse landscapes. Even better the most amazing food at shockingly low prices. One of my favorite Places in Mexico City. I was able to eat my body weight in street Tacos. That were incredible and I barely spent more than 2$ per meal. So, it is a very budget friendly place. And there are a lot of concerns about traveling to Mexico as far as your safety. I would say that for the most part there are a lot of safe places to travel to Mexico. But it is important to do your research ahead of time. Another very popular place to travel in Mexico is the Yucatan peninsula. There is incredible tropical beaches on the Mayan Riviera. There’s luxury resorts. There are amazing swimming holes and I highly recommend a visit to the Yucatan. But I would say that I don’t necessarily recommend traveling to Tulom If you are going to be on a budget. I traveled there recently and I was absolutely shocked by the prices. It’s become more and more of a popular tourist destination in the past few years. And the prices are very different from other locations in Mexico. So I would recommend getting a little bit more out of your comfort zone and exploring some different areas of this vast country keep in mind that because it is such a big country. The transportation on flights can get a bit relatively more expensive than other place. But it is still very much worth the trip next up.

Most excited to return to Bosnia and Hercegovina… I spent a year volunteering in Sarajevo and returned several times to visit, including twice with my wife and another time with my wife and two friends. Croatia also brings back great memories. Enjoyed Split, Dubrovnik, Zagreb and Plitvice Lakes National park. I have been to Poland on business and look forward to returning for pleasure. My next international destination didn’t make this list: the Bohemian region of the Czech Republic.

I have always wanted to travel and now I’m starting to. I’m going to Florida in 2 weeks solo (my first flight) and this summer I’m going to Trinidad and Tobago for a few weeks

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