5 Life Changing books You must Read

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5 life-Changing books you must read: You ever heard the saying that readers are leaders the more you learn the more you earn. I agree with that to a point. It used to be that I would just buy every single book that people recommended and read. It religiously and then I realized a lot of them kind of say the same thing. I almost think it’s better to read one book five times than five books one time. And I know what you’re thinking right now. So these 5 life changing books will push you lavel up. but if I had to read these five over and over again these are the ones I would reread and do go back to. And so in this time we are going over the five books don’t cheat, guys look I’m gonna lay out each one. And I’m also gonna give you a big giant takeaway from each. So I hope from these boods will inspiration toward success in your life.

5 life Changing books you must read
5 Life-Changing books You must Read

First book we got Jonathan heights the happiness hypothesis: what 10 ideas actually work to make people happy. One massive idea I get from this book as I was rereading it is that ultimate freedom can make you freaking miserable. Now I know this sounds like a paradox because some of you are in jobs right now that you don’t like and you’re like well. If I didn’t go to that nine to five or you know open the Frickin zoom meetings all day. I’d be a lot happier Clark or some people you know they’re in relationships. And they think like ultimate freedom would be awesome if they weren’t. Whatever you want to apply that to in this book it talks about one study that. I found fascinating one dominant factor that looked at suicide rates amongst people. You know what that dominant factor was constraints that the people who were more likely or less likely. Two off themselves it came down to having constraints having something outside of themselves. That they were responsible for that if we don’t have any responsibilities. If in other words if we’re totally free, we can also be totally miserable. I know this from personal experience when I quit my job and I was in my mom’s basement 30 grand in debt like technically. I was absolutely free but I would wake up every day like thinking I had to start this business right with this overwhelming crippling anxiety because I’m like well, I’m starting from scratch. I have all this freedom in the world but where do I even start and then your head gets spinning and blah blah. It wasn’t until I actually went back and took a part-time job working as a middle school counselor with kids that gave me some constraints took up 20 30 hours a week. That I was able to do this business because now instead of having 12 or 18 hours a day to just work on this business, right? I only had about five so I had constraints and I was more productive talks about in nursing homes. You know patients who would, who have something as simple as an animal or even a plant to water every day they’re much less likely to get illnesses or die early. they have something to take care of they have a reason and the whole book kind of goes over some ideas like that where we think. We want this but actually science says it’s this. Don’t fall into the trap that doing anything you want all the time me me me me is the key to happiness that could be hedonistic and lack fulfillment. Because if you’re just living for yourself eventually that’s going to get boring living for others having constraints is actually healthy and scientifically proven the right ones to make you happy.

Next book is Automatic Habit: when most people go about change habits they think about tactics, give me the books to read. Give me the techniques what meditation to do what manifestation technique. Give me the right way and where’s the book it’s coming let me tell you. You need foreplay you can’t just rush into things. Most people approach change from actions- Stories-Identity. I’m take some actions. And I hope it changes my beliefs or my stories inside and then you know hopefully. If it lasts long enough I’ll change my identity. But real change in your life happens when you go Identity-Stories-Actions. At the identity level you rewire yourself. Okay! And you adopt a new identity you create this ahead of time. It knocks over your stories and then your actions fall in alignment. In other words this is the secret to change. The identity root most people go like this and they wonder. Why they’re stuck does that make sense. This book that opened my eyes to. This right is our fourth book right here atomic habits James Clear. everyone in the comments were telling me to read this for probably a year since it came out and I was like I’ll get to it and then I finally did and I was like holy moly. That’s a great book but it talks about this right here. The goal is not to stop reducing cigarettes actions. The goal is to become a non-smoker. The goal is not to put on your running shoes and run a marathon. Now the goal is to become a runner in the book. James Clear says that every action is a vote for the person that you want to become. So I love that frame in your life today. Think about that big or small every action you do or you could say every thought or belief or judgment casts a vote for the person that you want to become. And again those votes if you collect enough evidence for something they influence your identity level. so we can approach this of two ways we can create this identity and then start casting votes for the person we want to be and reinforce it in. now what’s really crazy is most people don’t realize this and they cast votes against themselves out of alignment with what they say, they want to do and who they want to become. And that’s why a lot of people have this ick in their life show up right there’s a gap. It’s like who I view myself as and what I’m actually doing right here. And the bigger this gap is the more ick we feel inside the more depression can creep in stress anxiety overthinking imposter syndrome. So the secret is changing your identity rewiring it and closing this gap right here. Once you do that, it’s really easy to get up and live life and feel awesome. Because you’re in integrity with what you say, you’re doing and what you’re actually doing. Does that make sense tomicabit’s great book and if you want to know more about like our identity shifting process again to influence this.

Third Book’s I will teach you to be Rich: 2020 was a crazy year for finances. I don’t know if any of you saw the stock market right just went. i also heard like something 35 of all us dollars got printed in uh like the last six months of 2020 or something like that from a financial standpoint in 2020. It was the best of times and the worst of times for a lot of people lost their jobs but a lot of people got filthy stinking rich. And if you had your investments in the right place. Realize that investing saving money financial security all the stuff that we view is kind of like boring or too complex. Isn’t as complex as it is you just got to know the game. So you can join people instead of saying oh that’s just for like rich people or elite people. The system’s actually set up for pretty much anyone to win if you know the rules. i don’t mean to rant here but like I was talking to someone in Seattle where I’m from. Regardless of political beliefs right but it’s super blue. And so I’m talking to this woman and she’s just complaining about how they’re rich. And they have stocks and they’re so evil and I was like wait you know you can invest in the stock market too. It’s not like there’s an income cap you can buy a freaking share of AMC for eight bucks or apple or tesla or now you can even buy partial shares. My point is don’t be intimidated by it and so I am telling you that. That is very long-winded way of saying our third book “I will teach you to be rich” or meet Sadie I’ve been recommending this one. probably a couple years now and this really goes into some more of those rules right of, how to kind of set yourself up for 10 20 30 years from now. So that you’re going to be well off. It doesn’t require insane amount of smarts. Or even insane amounts of income. It requires insane amounts of discipline you make a million dollars and you spend it how much did you make. Zero goose egg its better off to make a hundred thousand save forty. You are richer at the end of the year than that person who made a million and spent a million. It’s not about the money you make it’s about the money you keep. And I love that this book influence emphasizes that and gives you really practical ways to influence it using compounding in the long term. If you love it so much Clark why don’t you marry it book.

Book number Four is the subtle art of not giving a f: You know what this is not a book. But more of a process something that you can do in active form there comes a point in your life where you realize. And you have to be brutally honest with yourself if like. I’m consuming info out of education which it seems like reading coaching videos seminars motivation that seems like education right. And it can be but if we’re not applying it over here. If you don’t have fruits to show for it what is it really? It’s entertainment at a certain point. I find with a lot of people just to be brutally honest. And I had this in myself we spend so much time in education. That it becomes entertainment you can listen to podcasts. All day long thinking they’re educational right? But if they’re not making your life better objectively it really is entertainment. Where do we flip the switch towards having all this potential over here of education? That we have in our brain right and really applying it in our life to see the benefits. Well you need a tool to cross this right here. The best tool I’ve ever found and I would implore you to take seriously. And just give it a shot. This year is this right here eight by eleven and a half sketchbook right here our journal. Now we posted the ultimate guide to it this year I’ll link down below or you can just find it takes two seconds. I was just telling the members of my metamorphic coaching program where we meet live and do calls and stuff. This is like our big theme. Right now so many people so many voices so many influencers right they’re trying to influence you. They’re trying to do that you look for answers you look outside of yourself. But how often do we ever stop and listen for them that’s powerful stop looking for the answers. And maybe it’s time to start listening for them. And I think you’ll see your life finally flip the switch from potential of education right entertainment to action closing that gap.

5 Life-Changing books You must Read

 Heck and I guess we’ll start with that. I really didn’t want to like this book as much as. I did because I saw it in like urban outfitters. And I’m like I don’t want to be that cliché like millennial reading that book. But I mean don’t judge it by its cover right I was so stoked I read this art of not giving. Right mark Manson it was just a really fun light-hearted read all about kind of self-development. And how these ideas what that rant we just went on with the journal pretty much like the arts or the science of improving yourself the good intention behind that is like. Yeah I’m gonna be better right but if we never apply it we just have these to do’s in our head. That we turn on ourselves and we beat ourselves up and we feel guilty on because we’re not applying it that even. If something has a positive intent doesn’t mean it’s positive for us. Okay so I’ll leave it at that book was awesome also have a book review of this that you can find on our site if you just search pop right up.

Final Book is “breaking the habit of being yourself” by Joe Dispenza. Its talks a lot about the word in here meditation right. And I know like some people love it some people hate it and I’ve been in the hate camp for a while not that I didn’t see the benefits of it. But it took me like 10 books of how to meditate. And getting it all right before I finally had enough willpower to sit down and do it consistently and like something. I struggle with to this day is meditation but I find that having some science behind it like this book gives you. If you’re analytically wired like myself you want to know the why behind you do something. This book breaks it down something as little as like eight weeks 12 minutes a day. Just meditating can have significant like insane benefits to rewiring your brain in their neural pathways places of your brain. Start lighting up like the empathy centers the parts that make you more loving more compassionate more patient and other pathways. Start kind of reducing a little bit like your amygdala. Which is the fight or flight right or all these like judgmental centers. Whatever parts are contributing to that in the brain kind of reduce. So if you want some science behind why you should meditate or just like how that can help you. Kind of shift into the 2.0 version of yourself book is fantastic it is a little dense there are some parts.

Where you really gotta like pay attention you can’t just be like you know kind of zoning out. I find nevertheless this to be fascinating.

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